Keeping the Community Safe

13 August 2021

In these uncertain times, your safety is our priority. The Bellevue Management Team is proud to do our part in curbing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our community safe.

As part of our continuous effort to provide safety, comfort and good services to our Bellevue community, we have enacted a number of measures.

This includes regularly disinfecting Bellevue’s common areas, from basement to rooftop, ensuring that all our staff are fully-vaccinated, and having our public areas, such as the gym, lifts, kids playroom and tennis court frequently cleaned by our housekeeping team. We strongly ask our tenants, visitors, staff to wear masks, regularly use hand sanitizers, keep social distance and always check the body temperature and use QR code scanned for entering the building.

Through these measures, we remain committed in raising and maintaining our standards in order to protect our tenants and staff and provide peace of mind and reassurance.